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      Coronavirus has paused all activities around us, putting countries and offices in high alert. However, there is no easy exit. The situation might last until the end of the year, with some countries predicted to suffer until spring 2021.

     Shops, restaurants, small businesses, Department stores, malls and just about everything else are closing their doors to the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. That has left many wondering, ‘ How am I going to make money during this Coronavirus’? So many people are jumping to the slightest opportunity they see at making money online which many turns out to be fake.

    Economic cracks are showing in places, such as oil and gas companies. Oil companies are doing poorly and the stuck prices have been crushed. Some speculate they might even fall below zero, cutting off many careers in the oil industry. It’s only a matter of time before massive layoffs occur.

      Since the school are closed and everyone from elementary school to college are stuck at home, they are turning to online video games to keep entertained, especially with the absence of sporting events. It’s also a way to interact with friends and family to maintain social relations, while also practicing self distancing.

     According to the Financial Times, “ Tech companies are still hiring feverishly as they move to take advantage of a world shifting increasingly to digital as a result of the coronavirus, despite mass lay offs elsewhere are growing over plummeting global markets”. 

    Giant global Corporation with enormous amounts of cash on their balance sheets, like Amazon, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Netflix will have the clout and funds to outlast the outbreak.

    People working in these fields may find jobs available and strong demands from some companies. For example, Amazon is hiring 100,000 workers due to overwhelming demand. As people are working from home and unable to venture out of the house. Amazon is the natural go-to choice for shopping. Amazon’s gain is the loss for small-to-midsize retailers.

    Not only has coronavirus made us all work from home and seen thousands hospitalized, but it has also laid the economy to a recession. Global growth is predicted to smash in the near future which brings us to this article.

    Is your Job at risk because of the coronavirus pandemic, and is there anything you can do to minimize your chances of getting laid off?

Here are 8 Jobs you can earn cash from.

Become a copywriter.

    According to international living, ‘Copywriting is a mega-industry yearning for people who can fuel it with fresh marketing messages and one of the best benefits of the freelance copywriter’s lifestyle is that you can get paid in U.S dollars… yet live virtually anywhere in the world’. Express writers has tips on how to become a copywriter and is also a resource for Jobs.

  • Set up a content and web development Business.

     Web developing is a great business of all time. You can offer services to anyone via online tools by developing websites, building websites and many more. Some resources includes WordPress, weebly and Joomla.

  • Create a money-making Blog.

    Define your Niche and share ideas based on your expertise. Write on frequently asked questions, add tags that makes it come up for SEO. International living advised, “ The more specific you get, the easier it’ll be to attract an engaged audience and to earn money with your site”. 

  • Learn Digital Marketing.

   It helps to be digitally skilled and to have the right resources to work through a hard time like now. A focus on digital elements is now at the center of many companies ‘ marketing strategies. 

Most companies needs;

  • Digital Marketing manager
  • Content strategist
  • Virtual Reality Developer.
  • SEO and SEM specialist.
  • User experience Designer
  • Data Analyst 
  • Email Marketing specialist 
  • Internet of things marketing specialist 
  • BOT Developer 
  • Social media marketer.

           The field of digital marketing is incredibly varied in the career opportunities it offers. You can learn digital marketing through Udacity’s Digital Marketing Nanodegree.

  • Sell your photos.

   Are you skilled at photography? International living advises, “ Stock photography websites are huge repositories of photographs, covering almost every possible subject you could imagine”. 

     Photographers can upload their images to any number of huge databases, allowing magazine editors, designers or any organization with a website to buy them. So you can continue to make money without any effort. Photography sites to check out include; Shutterstock, photoshelter, and Getty images.

  • Set up an online course.

    Create a whole online course with tutorials, PDF downloads and videos. It’s a great way to create passive income because people will pay for the info and can go at their own pace or post questions related to the course in a dedicated group. Here’s one resource for selling online courses; learnwords, which makes it possible for anyone to profit from their knowledge and experience by creating an online program.

  • Become a translator and interpreter.

    Anywhere you find expert communities and where English is not the first language. You’ll find a need for interpreting and translation services. You can learn languages like;

  • English 
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French 
  • Mandarin
  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Portuguese 

     You can also do translation and interpretation online. You’ll find a Large number of resources for being a translator or an interpreter here; One of the best is Welocalize, which ranked at the top 20 companies for remote Jobs in 2020.

  • Teach English Online.

   If you’re a native English speaker, you can find Jobs through these resources which includes,, TeachAway( Teach English online with Chinese students). iTutor Group(Teach English online to Taiwanese children and adults) and English Hunt( Teach English on the phone to adults students in Korea).


     The coronavirus does not only pose a threat to your health, but it has also started a global recession, which might impact your career. Adjusting to the Job market in these times of uncertainty will be a difficult challenge, but it’s important to stay focused and prepare for the Inevitable. 

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